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* Ether prices marked with an asterisk are estimates only, as they are subject to exchange rate fluctuations. The final Ether price is determined upon checkout.


Arte Marketplace, powered by Tokengate, is the home of exceptional NFT projects. We empower creators and NFT enthusiasts to buy, trade and exhibit NFTs. Our team selects projects from all over the world for our platform.

Your NFT collection

With Tokengate you can start your personal NFT collection today. Simply browse the projects, find the NFT you love and buy it with a click. All you need is a credit card or or a crypto wallet with Ether. You have access to your collection from anywhere with any connected device.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology enables you to make transfers simple and secure and to keep track of your collectible. Provenance, ownership and each transaction are registered on the decentralized Ethereum blockchain. For each edition, we create a unique NFT (non-fungible token) which represents your certificate of authenticity. You can easily transfer your NFT in your wallet or offer it as a gift. Just add the wallet address, where you like to transfer the collectible. If you don't have an NFT wallet we will hold the NFT on your behalf in a wallet created for you.

The Platform

There is no NFT without creators. Tokengate is the preferred platform for NFT creators because there is no dependency on the highly fluctuating crypto currency exchange rates.

In addition, we offer a cost-efficient lazy minting model. Creators do not need to premint the NFTs. When the NFTs are sold on the secondary market, the creators receive royalties on each sale.


The Tokengate family consists of creators who engage in digital art and collectibles of all kinds. We are happy to welcome new creators into our family. Send us a message at [email protected].

Project Owners

We help you bring your NFT project to life. Do you need consulting, design or just the technology. We are keen to learn more about your project.

NFT Collector

A collection has no value if you can't resell it. By withdrawing your token (NFT) into your private crypto wallet you can resell your collectible on the secondary market (e.g. OpenSea). With each sale the creator will profit from royalities.

The Ecosystem

We built the platform with blockchain technology to ensure a safe and decentralized marketplace for creators and NFT collectors. It is built on three main pillars.

Decentralized file storage

High resolution files are stored in a fast and secure cloud infrastructure ready anytime for you to browse, select and display your personal investment.

ERC 721 Smart Contracts

NFT, edition, metadata and all your transactions are registered on the decentralized Ethereum blockchain, using ERC721 smart contracts. This allows you to prove ownership and provenance of the collectibles in your Tokengate NFT collection.


With Tokengate Art we have built one of the most user-friendly platforms. Payment is possible both by credit card and cryptocurrency. Prices are quoted in US dollar and converted to the current value in ETH at the time of purchase. Upon payment, our smartcontract converts the cryptocurrency received directly back into a digital form of the U.S. dollar and automatically transfers the corresponding amount to the creator.

Our Apps

New technology brings collectibles directly on your screens since 2019. We keep working on our products to simplify your Tokengate Art experience as we grow. We are delivering your collection instantly to your living room, business lounge or holiday home.

Web App

Our main application is a browser-based web app with full functionality.

Coming soon
  • Viewer app to make sure you can enjoy your purchased collectibles on as many devices as possible (Android, Apple, Samsung and more)

Tokengate Art | Swiss NFT Marketplace

Tokengate Art is a brand by Swiss company dloop recently aquired by DSENT AG. We created the marketplace to connect creators and collectors in a simple, secure and transparent way.


© Tokengate Art - v0.4.103
* Ether prices marked with an asterisk are estimates only, as they are subject to exchange rate fluctuations. The final Ether price is determined upon checkout.