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unCONFERENCE community Dot 2024 - Oibel Art

unCONFERENCE community Dot 2024 - Oibel Art

BySamora 'Oibel1.' Bazarrabusa

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Live Painted at the WEB3FEST unCONFERENCE Zurich 2024

Mixed Media on canvas, 100x90cm

Made from the heart for the soul.


(Not for Sale)
About the creator

My name is Samora Bazarrabusa, also known as Oibel. I was born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland, and I am a visual artist with over 20 years of experience. My artistic journey began with spray paint, but over time, I have explored various mediums, including drawing, brush painting, acrylics, and digital illustration and animation. I have come to love each of these forms of expression.

Since 2021, I have also delved into creating NFTs and immersing myself in the world of digital art, while learning a great deal about blockchains. Over the past three years, I have had the opportunity to work with YouTube and showcase my art at NFT NYC and the Beeple Studios.

My work has taken me to cities such as Paris, Berlin, Hamburg, Prague, and Kampala, and I am eager to add more destinations to my list.

My artworks are characterized by strong lines, figurative forms, and bright, vivid colors, aiming to create an emotional impact on the viewer. Through my art, I strive to inspire positivity and encourage constructive, yet critical, reflection on oneself and the environment. I draw inspiration from diverse cultures, nature, society, graffiti, and art in general, focusing on themes such as love, life, awareness, and the abstraction of being.

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