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recycling broken files

recycling broken files

ByStudio LX2SH

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Our modern lives are constantly leaving behind data and digital fingerprints stored and reused in large databases of cloud providers.

The continuous, all-encompassing evaluation of these huge amounts of data and their use for commercial purposes subsequently influences our lives. Be it information gathering via news channels, online shopping or dating platforms.

Studio LX2SH, however, does not deal with the legitimate question of data sovereignty and who has the right to reuse this data, but with corrupted data that cannot be read under normal circumstances. This data lies in the cloud with no further benefit to humanity. The series "recycling broken files" takes these damaged data sets and transforms them into digital art

About the creator

Studio LX2SH is an NFT Art Studio. We create digital art and collaborate with famous artists from the traditional art world. We believe that NFT art influences the visual language of the whole world, and we see ourselves as part of a meaningful movement.By creating NFT artworks, we are expanding the circle of art collectors with those who have a great interest in new art forms. We understand blockchain technology as an important and disruptive technology, thanks to which the art market is opening up to digitalization. Studio LX2SH bridges the gap between the traditional and digital art market. The focus is on the emotional value attributed to an artwork. Studio LX2SH offers the possibility, when purchasing an NFT, to receive the digital artwork not only as a file but also as a physical artwork.

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Studio LX2SH


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